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Ai Auditor

What’s new in Ai Auditor

The highly extensible platform is being updated frequently, learn about what’s new and exciting

Accounts payable

Ai Auditor now has the ability to load and analyze accounts payable with 25+ control points. Auditors can analyze standalone risk of an accounts payable subledger (AP), often where most fraud is identified by their end-customers. This also extends Ai Auditor applicability in the financial audit use case (AP testing). New visuals and reporting have also been added to allow users to investigate and analyze accounts payable.

Smart search with Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Ai Auditor introduces the game changing ability to interrogate the data in a whole new way. Query the data in human language using textual questions, with results fed back to the auditor based on how the machine understood the question, with data sampled accordingly.

This feature permits negative searches as well, which is not currently supported in the faceted search.

Enhanced intelligent sampler

Auditors can now select a sample based on the transaction table view, which is driven by either our faceted search or a smart search query. Our prior version of intelligent sampling was applicable to the whole population only, which limited the usability. The intelligent sampler is a critical value of Ai Auditor and the delivery of assurance, as MindBridge Ai customers find our risk-based sampling is 20-900x better than random or monetary unit sampling.

Data ingestion wizard

This new feature provides inline column mapping support for auditors to map GL from their customers ERP systems to our standardized columns for analysis. This functionality enables auditors to resolve file-based ingestion issues where the column headings used by their ERP system does not align with our standard columns.

QuickBooks online integration

Further to syncing with other online ERP systems such as Sage Intacct and NetSuite, Ai Auditor now devours data straight from QuickBooks online as well.

Account mapping enhancements

Allows auditors to export our MindBridge Audit Classification (MAC) as a spreadsheet and allows them to re-import a corrected mapping to their standardized chart of accounts.

Identity Provider (IDP)

IDP stands for IDentity Provider. This new feature launches our own IDP server in the product which can be federated with other IDP systems for single sign-on services in our product. The first IDP system federation is with Azure Active Directory and Google and we also include two-factor authentication as an option for deployment. 

Additional column selection

Allows users to customize their view of the transaction table and select the columns they want to see and analyze.