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Meet Mike

MindBridge’s Ai Auditor platform handles your low-cognitive tasks, from data preparation to reporting, so that you can focus on higher-value work. Ai Auditor uses machine learning and artificial intelligence techniques to find material irregularities in data.

Learn the story of Mike and how he began his journey to excellence in auditing, all while next-leveling his fishing skills.


Meet Mike, a busy and a trusted auditor who loves to fish in his spare time. Mike spends 20 plus unproductive hours in data preparation before starting the audit review. The volume of data and limitations of outdated tools requiring scripting and forces Mike to follow statistical sampling methods that only confirm the likely absence of issues versus finding them.

It is like fishing and assuming that when fish aren’t biting, there are no fish in the lake. Plus, rules-based tests can easily be manipulated to hide material misstatements and irregularities. Then, he found the MindBridge Ai Auditor, the world’s first data analytics and artificial intelligence platform that helps with smart data ingestion. Load and create account grouping automatically with limited user interaction within minutes, complete data analysis, analyze and score every single transaction for unbiased review, improve detection effectiveness, examine and cross-correlate each transaction by multiple machine learning algorithms, including rules, improving the chance of finding material irregularities in some cases by tenfold. High assurance, increase confidence in audit opinions by avoiding the limitations of random selection or statistical sampling of data.

Mike is content. He attained rapid and deeper insights of his clients’ financials and can perform a more focused audit, leaving more free time for fishing.

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