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Bridging the gap

between humans and artificial intelligence.

Our story

Through the power of human-centric artificial intelligence, MindBridge helps organizations deliver rapid value to their clients with deeper insights and higher risk assurance for 100% of their data. With MindBridge Ai Auditor, the world’s first AI-powered auditing solution, organizations across multiple industries are augmenting human capacity to restore confidence in their financial data.

Leadership team

Eli Fathi

President and Chief Executive Officer

Robin Grosset

Chief Technology Officer

Lori O’Neill

Chief Financial Officer

Miyo Yamashita

Chief Strategy Officer

Solon Angel


Greg Adams

VP, AI Applications

John Bednarek

VP, Marketing & Operations

John Colthart

Senior VP, Sales

Chris Corman

VP, Product Development

Jim Fagan

VP, Corporate Development

Jeff MacDonald

VP, Product Management

Kelsey Trevor

Director, Human Resources

Changing how the world sees data

Our team is a passionate and committed group of individuals dedicated to helping organizations tell the story of their data. From data science and UX research to full stack developers and AI adoption experts, we want to enable AI for all, and inspire humans to do more with their data.

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