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Create a lasting impact on how the world sees data

Transforming our data-driven world takes talent, and MindBridge is where it’s happening. This is where you’ll take artificial intelligence to enable and inspire humans to do more and be better. Our people, our customers, and our investors agree: No one else is accomplishing what we’re doing with data-driven AI right now.

Your once-in-a-lifetime opportunity is here. See open positions.

Rules we live by

Make a difference

Do good in the world.

Integrity First

Be honest, keep your word and be transparent.

No Micromanagement

Manage processes and expectations, not people.

Generate Solutions

Empower yourself to be a solution oriented problem solver.

Inspire Others

Encourage Everyone and be a mentor. Don’t criticize.

Encourage Innovation

Think outside the box.

Disagree & Commit

Have an opinion & commit to follow through together.

Delight Customers

Take care of customers & exceed their expectations.

Request Forgiveness Not Permission

Know when to push the boundaries to ensure success.

Be Results Driven

Focus on measurable results.

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