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MindBridge Ai Asset Library

Case Study: Doeren Mayhew

As a nationally recognized Top 100 CPA firm that prides itself on a higher value proposition, Doeren Mayhew looked towards AI as a key enabling technology to make a difference in the business of their clients. Read this case study to learn why they adopted AI for audit and the results they achieved in terms of client interactions and risk identification.

User feature: Swapnali Mehta

Faced with the challenge of bringing AI into her audit practice to help perform more sophisticated services and faster audits, Swapnali Mehta of KNAV P.A. reached out to MindBridge Ai to begin the firm’s journey into AI-enhanced auditing. Read this user feature to learn about the massive time savings, analysis coverage, and insights they have been able to gain with MindBridge Ai Auditor.

MindBridge Ai Platform for Financial Services

Learn how our platform harnesses the power of AI to manage complex market, regulatory, and operational risk across 100% of transactions for various types of financial services.

Audit Sampling with MindBridge Ai Auditor

Learn the shortcomings of the current sampling process and how Ai Auditor helps you select an enriched sample set.

Maximizing Audit Assurance with Artificial Intelligence

In this fact sheet you will learn how you can maximize you audit assurance by leveraging the power of artificial intelligence.

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