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Moderator: John Colthart, VP of Growth & General Manager, Audit and Assurance

John has made clients successful in every major market worldwide during his 17-year career in technology leading world-class sales and professional services organizations. This started after his departure as a corporate finance and accounting practitioner in 2000 so he could grow a startup to +425 employees and exit to IBM with a role of VP Sales Operations in 2010. During his stay at IBM, John held global roles running sales enablement, offering management and design all within the IBM Analytics division. He strives to lead clients to effectively use analytics to change the course of their business.

Samantha Bowling, CPA, CGMA, Partner at Garbelman Winslow.

Samantha Bowling is an Audit Partner with Garbelman Winslow (GWCPAs). She is Chair for the Maryland Association of Certified Public Accountants (MACPA), founder and chair of the MACPA task force for Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion, and the recipient of the Innovative Practitioner Award for 2018.

Samantha started implementing AI in her small firm of 15 people to improve the audit process and reduce risk of material misstatements. She also leverages the technology to determine whether to accept new clients and plans to expand this into the outsourced CFO role to create additional earning potential for her firm.

Robin Hoag, CPA, CGMA, CMC at Doeren Mayhew

Robin Hoag is a Shareholder and a Practice Leader of the firm’s Financial Institutions Group. Drawing on 40 years of industry experience, he has provided insight to more than 300 financial institutions nationwide.

Designing the original concepts of Doeren Mayhew’s AREST™ methodology, Robin has dedicated his time to providing risk management services to credit unions, community banks, mortgage companies and CUSOs. These services include audits, internal audits, compliance reviews, fraud investigations, lending reviews and the development of enterprise risk management programs.

Gary L. Krausz, CPA, CFF, Audit Partner at Gursey | Schneider LLP

Gary heads the accounting and auditing department of Gursey | Schneider and is responsible for the firm’s quality control. He provides audit, accounting, and consulting services to middle-market businesses and not-for-profit organizations in Southern California.

Gary also handles civil litigation matters and has performed numerous assignments involving fraud investigations, trust and estate disputes, partnership disputes, royalty audits, bankruptcy investigations, misappropriations of funds by fiduciaries, and other commercial disputes. He regularly serves as an expert witness on accounting investigation matters.

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